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Top 10 Best High Paying PPC-CPC Ad Networks 2014

Top 10 Best High Paying PPC-CPC Ad Networks 2014 

it’s very difficult to find High Paying PPC/CPC Ad Networks to monetize your blog, obviously if you are running a website then you need to choose Ad Network to monetize your blog for earning money, there are lot of ways to make money with website, like with CPC/PPC Networks, Selling Ad Space, or with Affiliate marketing, But now a day PPC/CPC networks become a most recommended way of monetizing blog for making money. 

 PPC mean Pay Per Click, mean Ad network which you are using will pay you fix rate against per click, now a day there are lot of website which based on PPC/CPC Ad Networks, Now Publishers can monetize their blogs or websites with High Paying PPC/CPC Ad Networks to make huge money online. In this tutorial I am going to present you List of Top 10 High Paying PPC/CPC Ad Networks to monetize your website. 

 Top 10 High Paying PPC/CPC Ad Networks For Online Publishers: 

1. Google Adsense 

Google Adsense is a king of PPC/CPC Ad networks, No doubt that Google Adsense is High Paying PPC/CPC Ad Networks, No Ad network can beat Google Adsense yet, and Google Adsense is a property of world largest search engine “Google”. Google Adsense is a major source of earning online for many bloggers. Lot of bloggers complaining that their Adsense account banned by Google Adsense, Adsense will never ban you without any reason; if you are working fine with Adsense then they will never ban you. 

2. is the best alternative to Google AdSense and its High Paying PPC/CPC Ad Network, is a contextual advertising network, which means its ads targeted to your website contents, well known on paying on time, and their quick approval, fast and efficient customer support. 

3. is another Google AdSense alternative, and one of the high paying PPC/CPC, provide contextual ads display, in which make you control the type of ads by the topics you have in your websites, which results in more clicks and better revenue. 

4. is a good alternative Google Adsense and High Paying PPC/CPC Ad Network, is a combine service of Yahoo and Bing, lot of blogger thinking that is a very strong competitor for Google Adsense, I personally used for my blog, lot of new bloggers who can’t get Google Adsense can use to monetize their blogs. 

5. Infolinks 

Infolinks is best Ad Network to monetize your blog for making good money. Basically Infolinks is In-text Advertising Network. Interesting fact about Infolinks is that it does not cover any extra space to show ads on your website. Now they have much relevant ads according to the blog contents. Lot of bloggers have now idea how to use Infolinks to to monetize their blogs, the installation is very easy with java script added to the body of your site and if you are running wordpress then just use plugin for Infolinks installation. 

6. Chitika 

Chitika is also very popular High Paying PPC/CPC Ad Networks now a day, Chitika offers very high CPC rate if you are receiving decent traffic from search engine, it offers different type of Ads like popup ads and others. Lot of bloggers using this Network because minimum payout of Chitika is $10 via PayPal and $50 via Checks. 

7. Bidvertiser 

Bidvertiser is very old and High Paying PPC/CPC Ad Networks till now, Bidvertiser does have some benefits especially if you’ve been banned from Adsense for some reason. If you have website and want to join Bidvertiser, there are not much requirements of Bidvertiser, usual conditions such as not allowing adult website as well as those website that sell illegal drugs, weapons and those with too much profanity and hate speech. 

 Other High Paying PPC/CPC Ad Networks: 



10. Clicksor 

 So this was list of Top 10 High Paying PPC/CPC Ad Networks, Hope you enjoyed reading this article.


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